These terms and condition shall apply and be incorporated in TDI Interior Pte Ltd’s quotation.

A. TDI Interior Pte Ltd shall provide the following services to any person or business entity that agrees to purchase the services under this Contract;

    1. Undertake all the renovation works stated in the quotation.
    2. Assist the Client in the application to the relevant authorities in respect of all necessary approvals, licenses and permit prior to the commencement of work.
    3. All expenses related to the applications of all necessary approvals, licenses and permit in respect of the works shall be fully borne by the Client.

B. Schedule of Payment;

    1. 10% upon confirmation via signing of the quotation, being a non-refundable deposit.
    2. 40% 2days before delivery of raw materials.
    3. 45% 2days before delivery of Carpentry job items.
    4. 5% upon completion of total renovation works.i.e handing over of keys.
    5. All cheques shall be made payable to TDI Interior Pte Ltd / Fund transfer to UOB: 340-306-101-6.
    6. Payment by Cash or Cash cheque is not advisable. TDI Interior Pte Ltd is not liable for any loss suffered by the client arising from such payments.
    7. Renovation refundable deposit should be paid by client upon requested by Building Management. (Applicable for Condo & Commercial Projects).
    8. The Contract does not accommodate provision for Retention Money

C. Variation Order

  1. A variation order may apply in relation to additional items or job scope previously not included in this contract. Any alterations, additions to the contract shall be billed accordingly to the customer unless stated otherwise.
  2. TDI Interior Pte Ltd reserves the right to revise the schedule of work and completion date.
  3. Variation Works shall only be carried out upon execution of Variation Order and 100% Payment received.
  4. If the Client subsequently cancel any Variation Works under a Variation Order, the Client shall pay to TDI Interior Pte Ltd for any works already carried out under the

Variation Order, including any materials or goods supplied or purchased (whether delivered or not) and works carried out (partially or in full) under the Variation Order. 

    5. Omission will be limited to 20% of the Contract.

D. Discount

  1. The Client shall not be entitled to reduce the scope of work upon receiving a discount on quotation.
  2. TDI Interior Pte Ltd reserves the right to withdraw discounts given and shall make necessary revision to the quotation if the Client still wishes to reduce the scope of work.

E. Termination of Contract

  1. A cancellation fee based on 20% of the total agreement sum must be paid to TDI Interior Pte Ltd as compensation if this agreement is cancelled by signee.
  2. TDI Interior Pte Ltd shall also be entitled to recover from the Client the value of works already carried out, including materials supplied or purchased

(whether delivered or not to Client’s premises) and any other losses we may suffer. 

  1. Client shall indemnify us against any and all proceedings, liabilities, claims, demands, losses, cost & expenses which we sustain, incur or suffer in connection with the Termination of contract.

F. TDI Interior Pte Ltd is not liable for any works done/delay caused by any third parties engaged directly by the Client.

The Client shall indemnify us against any loss or damage suffered arising from any act by any third parties.

 G. Cleaning services after project completed is not inclusive and will be bill separately if required.

 H. All design drawings and ideas are the copyright of TDI Interior Pte Ltd. The final design might change subject to actual site measurement before commencement of work.

I. The maximum length and width of glass, table top, cabinet or any other customized /readymade items during product non assembly stage which contractor can provide depend on job site lift internal compartment. Should the length and width exceeded and requires special service to lift up through other means, extra labour charges should be agreed first between Client and Contractor (also subject to other technical aspects). Otherwise, Contractor has the right to alter the design or to have joint lines.

 J. Warranty

  1. The contract works stated in quotation and variation order carry a 1-Year (One) Workmanship Warranty.
  2. Warranty shall take effect upon handing over of keys to Client.
  3. Warranty shall cover manufacturing and workmanship defects.

 It excludes abusive usage, negligence, vandalism, accidental burns, Act of God & normal wear and tear. 

  1. Warranty does not cover for the defects and durability of all products which were purchased on behalf of the Client.

 Client will have to liaise directly with the respective manufacturer or distributor for the product repair or exchange. 

  1. A $80 transportation fee (excluding the servicing or repair fee) would be chargeable for each service job rendered after the first year upon hand over.
  2. ** For Landscape Project Only – TDI Interior Pte Ltd will make warranty replacements of plants under TDI Landscape Project based on the following conditions:
    a) Only covers during 1st month after project handover date.
    b) Must be due to plant disease or virus only.
    c) Excludes negligence, lack of plant maintenance and Act of God.